Purging deleted users

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For production environments

(These instructions may or may not work on a Dreamhack.)

The expunge-user worker purges accounts that have been deleted for at least 60 days. To run it, you also need to run some other commands in concert.

Open up three terminal windows. From $LJHOME, run the following commands, one in each window:

bin/moveuclusterd.pl -v
bin/worker/expunge-users -v
bin/moveucluster.pl --jobserver=

If you get errors along the lines of "Table signature for dboa(database src) doesn't match" make sure you have dropped any obsolete tables from the database before running the jobserver:

bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -r --cluster=all --drop

For Dreamhacks and stand-alone development servers

For these configurations, you're more likely to want to purge a specific deleted account now, and the following command does exactly that:

$LJHOME/bin/moveucluster.pl --del --expungedel --earlyexpunge <username>

Replace <username> with the username of the deleted account you want to purge.