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  • -- Enable sorting of Support requests by ones that have no response yet. Counter-suggestions include letting a volunteer tag a request as one they don't want to look at again (e.g., if it's one they know has been answered adequately).
  • Bring back a link to the user's friends page to the summary area at the top of a request. (Still present for S1 users, as the link behind the style number for the friends page, but not for S2 users.) -- Pne 14:56, 9 February 2009 (UTC)
  • For support administrators, have a log of all email sent to a particular address or username (within the last X days?).
  • Tag system for requests to replace bracketed in-subject tags.
  • ESN for support page and for individual requests: new request in $category, notify of volunteer action on request, notify of regreen on a request I've answered, notify of action by $username (admins only), notify of $tag (see previous bullet point), etc.
  • A public BBB-ish community that announces when bugs are discovered and when they are resolved. Hopefully, this would give all users a place to keep informed about the status of a problem that's been affecting them. I have in mind that it wouldn't report every bug, just the ones that affect a lot of people, the type that would be listed in the BBB.
  • Avoid duplicating work, see if someone else is actively working on a support request (possibly by showing usernames that have recently viewed it & when, for people with privs? by having a check-out system?)
    • A check-out system for people with the priv supportviewscreened. This would allow someone to mark a support request they are actively working on, giving them time to research and write an answer. This could also be set up to expire after a certain amount of time, to ensure it gets answered.
  • For responses that are not internal notes, automatically add "Hello [username]" to the top and "Thanks, [responder]" to the bottom of the email sent to the support requester.