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These instructions are for upgrading your database to data version 9. This update is for performance improvements so that icons can be renamed.

The first step is to upgrade to the lastest code as described in Updating the Dreamwidth code, especially:

bin/cvsreport.pl -update
# only sync changes from the CVS to the live code
bin/cvsreport.pl -sync -cvsonly
bin/cvsreport.pl -sync -cvsonly
# order of commands is important
$LJHOME/bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -r -p --innodb
$LJHOME/bin/upgrading/update-db.pl -r --cluster=all --innodb
$LJHOME/bin/upgrading/texttool.pl load

It's also recommended that you delete files that don't exist in the code anymore from $LJHOME:

for i in $(bin/cvsreport.pl -n -1); do 
   echo "Removing $i" && rm $i; 

Then, you will want to run this program:

perl $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/d8d9-userpicrename.pl

Here's an example of the help output and usage output of the script:

[email protected]:~$ ~/bin/upgrading/d8d9-userpicrename.pl --help
Usage: /home/dw/bin/upgrading/d8d9-userpicrename.pl [options]
    --cluster=N Specify user cluster to work on (by default, all clusters)
    --hours=N   Work no more than N hours (by default, work until all is done)
    --user=N    Specify users to migrate (by default, all users on the specified clusters)
    --verbose   Be noisy
    --help      Print this help and exit
[email protected]:~$ ~/bin/upgrading/d8d9-userpicrename.pl
Do you want to update to dversion 9 (userpicmap3)? [N/y] y

--- Upgrading users to dversion (userpicmap3) ---

	Total users at dversion 8: 0

	Got 0 users on cluster 0 with dversion=8
	Got 0 users on cluster 1 with dversion=8
	Got 0 users on cluster 2 with dversion=8
--- Done migrating 0 of 0 users to dversion 9 ---
[email protected]:~$