Working on a Styles Bug

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This article may be incomplete and needs checking by a Styles person!

Selecting a Layout for your Journal

[info]afuna's notes:

  1. claim an issue
  2. get the source code from layer
  3. copy or set up style as necessary
  4. make changes; compile; check in various browsers, or whatever...

Working with the Code Locally

This guide is written assuming you have some basic knowledge and familiarity with Linux/UNIX, shells, file systems, etc. To work on styles bugs, you will also need familiarity with CSS and the S2 language. Knowledge of Perl is a bonus but not required (unless you want to work on or other modules). If you only have Windows to work on, don't despair! It's possible to work with the repositories through the Windows Explorer, too.

As an alternative, you can do Styles work using a Dreamhack.

Getting the DW Code

Create a main working directory for the Dreamwidth source. Most of the instructions on the wiki are tailored to the source directory being ~/dw but you can use anything you like.

You'll next need to follow a subset of the instructions on Moving your Dreamwidth installation to use Github, specifically steps 4 through 8.

For more on how to use Git for version control, see Git settings and Git How To.