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Help us convert the LJ XML-RPC protocols documentation for our implementation.


The protocol is still in flux due to the change from LJ's friends system to Dreamwidth's subscription and access system. Not all of these methods have been pushed live yet, but the code has been committed.

method description
checkforupdates Check for updates on your read list. Replaces "checkfriends".
consolecommand Run an administrative command.
editevent Edit or delete a user's past journal entry.
friendof Designed to return a list of which other users list this user as their friend, but currently returns nothing.
getchallenge Generate a server challenge string for authentication.
getcircle Returns details about a user's watch list and/or a user's trust list. Can also get a user's watched-by list, trusted-by list, content filters and trust groups.
getdaycounts Retrieve the number of journal entries per day.
getevents Download parts of the user's journal. See also syncitems mode.
getfriends Designed to return a list of which other users this user lists as their friend, but currently returns nothing.
getusertags Retrieve a list of the user's defined tags.
login Validate user's password and get base information needed for client to function.
postevent Submit a new journal entry to the server.
sendmessage Send a private message to a user's inbox.
sessionexpire Expire session cookies.
sessiongenerate Generate a session cookie.
syncitems Get a list of all the items that have been created or updated for a user.

Deprecated Methods

Deprecated method Remarks
checkfriends Checks to see if the user's friends list has been updated since a specified time. Deprecated, use checkforupdates instead.
editfriends Deprecated, use editcircle instead.
editfriendgroups Deprecated, use editcircle instead.
getfriendgroups Deprecated, use gettrustgroups instead.