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What is a code tour?

A code tour lists information about all of the bugs in Bugzilla that have been closed in the past week. You can view previous code tours in [info]dw_dev here.

How to make a code tour

First, get a link to a Bugzilla search from [info]denise. Then, put the information each bug into this example format:

<a href="">Bug NNNN</a>: Bug Title
Category: What section of the site is this bug about?
Patch by: <user name="username"> or submitter name
Description: What problem does this bug solve, or what new feature does it add?

Then, make a post to [info]dw_dev tagged "code tour". The time to do these is generally Monday, so they can be included in the [info]dw_news update.

Template Making Script

If you are comfortable with using Python on the command line, here is a script that can help you make a template with all the bugs in a CSV download of the week's bugs.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# usage: python bugs-2009-09-15.csv
import csv, re, sys
def parse_assignment(assign):
    """Attempt to parse the assignment for the submitter's username.
    Use the full assignment field otherwise."""
    # [:username]
    match ='\[\:([a-z0-9_]+)\]', assign);
        return "".join(['<user name="',, '">'])
    except (IndexError, AttributeError):
        return assign
# Get the CSV file for the bugs
bugs_file = sys.argv[1]
bugReader = csv.DictReader(open(bugs_file))
# This is a template for a bug record
template_record = """
<b><a href="">Bug %(bug_id)s</a>:</b> %(title)s
<b>Category:</b> %(category)s
<b>Patch by:</b> %(patch_by)s
<b>Description:</b> FILL IN
# For each row in the bug CSV file, put the appropriate variables into
# the template and print
for row in bugReader:
    replacements = { "patch_by": parse_assignment(row["assigned_to_realname"]),
        "bug_id": row["bug_id"],
        "category": row["component"],
        "title": row["short_desc"] }
    print template_record % replacements