FAQ - Basic customization

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How do I make simple changes to my journal appearance?

First, choose the general look you want for your journal. This FAQ explains how.

Then choose Customize your theme. This brings you to the wizard interface where you can select various simple options. The wizard interface contains several tabs:

  • The Display tab lets you change basic options independent of your journal style. This includes your mood theme, whether to display the navigation strip, and how many entries to show.
  • You can sometimes find extra options in the Misc tab.

Most wizard tabs are divided into sections. These are collapsed by default. Section headers include links to expand each section, or you can use the "expand all" link.

The wizard includes boxes where you can enter free text, drop-down menus to choose one of a fixed set of options, and check boxes to switch features on or off. When you've finished, use the Save changes button to apply settings to your journal.