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Foundation is a responsive front-end network. We are going to convert our current site skins to use Foundation and SCSS. Advantages:

  • All pages can be designed to work with both mobile and desktop pages, using the same HTML.
  • We can start to use the advantages of SCSS, such as variables and mixins.

Skeleton .tt page using Foundation

[%# path/to/
Short description of the page
    name <>
Copyright (c) <years> by Dreamwidth Studios, LLC
This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as Perl itself.  For a copy of the license, please reference
'perldoc perlartistic' or 'perldoc perlgpl'.
[%- sections.title = ".title" | ml -%]
[%- CALL dw.active_resource_group( "foundation" ) -%]
[%- dw.need_res( { group => "foundation" },
                 "<file>" ...) -%]

Note: the last line is needed only if you're loading CSS or JS files for the page. Otherwise you can leave it out.

Error handling in Foundation pages

See the skeleton for the controller which outlines how to do Error_Handling.

Styling Foundation pages

Default styling should work for most pages. If you ever need custom styling, you should refer to the style guide and the corresponding .tt page.