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SCSS is a version of SASS very similar to CSS, with some extra advantages. We are using compass as a compiler and using the SCSS version of Foundation.

Installing compass

Foundation 5.5.3 (currently in dw-free as of Dec 2019) is not compatible with newer versions of SASS/compass, so we'll need to use an older version. Make sure Ruby is installed and then install using gem:

(if you had older versions):
gem uninstall compass
gem uninstall sass
gem install sass --version 3.4.25
gem install compass --version 1.0.3


To compile SCSS to CSS, cd to the directory ($LJHOME or $LJHOME/ext/dw-nonfree depending on what you are working on) and run:

compass compile

To continually compile any time you save a SCSS file and make changes, do the same but use this instead:

compass watch