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This is a page for members of the site copy team to list changes that they think need to be made to site copy that will include changes to code, rather than just changing translation strings. For instance, if a specific string needs an argument passing to it, or if a new string needs adding or deleting.


Issues that haven't been reviewer yet.


Leaving these for now, since support related pages are probably going to be re-written when we better know what support policies and procedures will be.

The following is the list of strings containing <?p =and/or= p?>, as per [info]denise.

  • /support/see_request.bml.goback.text
  • /support/see_request.bml.important.notes.text

Migrated to Zilla

Issues that have been migrated to Bugzilla.

  • /changepassword.bml.forcechange previously had bml in the translation strings. The string needs <p> tags putting around it in the code.
  • /community/moderate.bml.choice.bkapprove and /community/moderate.bml.choice.bkreject need killing and replacing with hard-coded values, since they contain only code.
  • /transfer.bml -- This has .title twice at the top of the page. One could be removed?
  • /edittags.bml.users needs a username passed to it, so we can change it to "[info]username's tags:" for consistency.
  • /lostinfo.bml.lostpassword.text has "Dreamwidth" hardcoded into the text, and should probably be changed to [[sitename]].
    • Also: /tools/textmessage.bml.enter.user.text2
    • Also: event.user_new_entry.any (Zilla 777)
    • Also: event.user_new_entry.user (Zilla 777)
  • has the title 'Error' twice -- one could be removed.
  • poll.error.notvalid should link to the email confirmation page.
  • /tools/memories.bml.error.noentries.body -- This uses "the user" thrice and would be less awkward with [[user]] than with "the account" as a replacement.
  • /tools/textmessage.bml.error.unavailable.notsetup -- Can "this user" be changed to [[user]]?

Review / Migrate to GHI

These need to be reviewed for validity, then for entering into GHI.

  • The BETA warning on /openid/ needs removing.
  • /changeemail -- Could we have "Edit Profile" linking to the edit profile page?

Not migrated

These have been looked at and been deemed not to need fixing.

  • on /directorysearch.bml there is a .date and a .day string; day isn't currently referenced anywhere, but .date looks weird ("updated in last date" vs "updated in last day") - I suggest deleting .date string and replacing with .day.
    • I can't see any issue. I'm seeing .day referenced where it should be. Am I missing something?
      • that's rather bizarre; it's now fixed. I suppose disregard everything I said originally!
  • /manage/ it would be helpful if "allowed sender addresses" linked to the place where you manage those.
  • /lostinfo_do.bml.lostpasswordmail.part3 has "This information was requested on the website from [[remoteip]]." -- can/should it be [[sitename]] rather than "the website"?
    • Just looking at this, and the context that it's used in, I don't think this needs changing. It's part of an email that has already mentioned the sitename further up.
  • /manage/circle/ could the "it" be replaced something like "[[user]]'s"?"
    • We're phasing out news type journals, so there's no point updating this.