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To make the Dreamwidth site and features more accessible.


We need to figure out which parts and features of the site are causing trouble for disabled users, which features don't cause any problems but can be improved (and how), and which features work great. Then, we need to fix the problematic features, tweak the things that can be improved, and document the good ones so that people will know where to find them and how to use them.

Note that making a site accessible is not the same as making it mobile-friendly (and vice versa). While the two goals have some similarities, they are not always compatible.


The accessibility team communicates on the DW Accessibility mailing list.

Biggest Needs

Someone with experience in accessibility concerns needs to go over the site with a fine-tooth comb, and document what is good and what could be improved. New concerns should be listed in the Accessibility Wishlist page -- or better yet, turned into bugs.

Possible Items to Consider

Alt text

  • Determine the working definition of "relevant site images" -- spacer images probably don't need alt text.
  • Check all relevant site images for alt text.
  • Question: alt text versus title text?

Dyslexic Users

  • Text/background contrasts which are too high can be a problem for dyslexic users, just like low contrast can be a problem for those with low vision.


  • Check the tab order of pages, as some users don't like to use the mouse.
  • Offer alternatives to functions that are triggered on mouse-over. Most items that are fancy likely have a non-fancy way to get to it, but it can't hurt to check.
  • Offer simple alternatives to places where you need to control-click to select multiple elements of a list. For example, choosing tags, where the current keyboard alternative is to remember the names of your tags and type them in.

Style readability

  • Can format=light be made sticky, too?

Compatible with known adaptive technology

We maintain a list of Adaptive technology programs with which Dreamwidth needs to interact.

Emerging technology